End the Demand

Fighting for Justice Foundation is calling on all men and boys to take a stand against gender based violence that is insidious in the sex trade, referred to by survivors as: “paid rape” - otherwise known as prostitution.

We need you to lead the way in abolishing the commodification of women and girls by refusing to take part.
Men ARE the solution to the problem! If you want to stop human trafficking - don't watch porn, and don't buy sex!
The solution starts with you!
Australia is a demand nation for trafficked persons into our region - into developing countries - victimising the vulnerable.
We want to see change, right here in Australia. We demand that State and Territory jurisdictions change the laws that eradicate exploitation and exposes hidden slavery in our nation - by criminalising demand.


Our Pledge

"As a man, I pledge to celebrate and respect all women in my life. Respect for women is incompatible with buying sex from them. I reject the idea that a person can be sold, traded or bought for my personal sexual gratification. I believe that it is impossible to respect a person I have paid for. Buying sex is buying people. People cannot be owned.

I pledge to promote the empowerment of women and choose to support and extend full dignity to all persons. I pledge my support for the introduction of the Nordic Model in Australia - which acknowledges on a gender equality and human rights platform that the exchange of money for sex is violence against women.

I pledge to speak out against purchasing sex from women or any other person. I pledge not to participate in any aspect of the sex trade, including the use of pornography."
Who's signing
Sign this petition and become a part of the solution: take part in disrupting demand, and take a stand against women and girls being bought and sold like slaves. Commit to not taking part in exploitation as a consumer - and uphold the dignity, worth and value of women and girls everywhere without a price tag! 


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